Sizing vROPS for idiots (like me)

Sizing your vROPS (vRealize Operations Manager) can be tricky. You definitely don’t want to undersize it, but you also don’t want to make it too big and waste resources (after all- aren’t you trying to optimize and reclaim compute- which is why you’re installing vROPS in the first place?). What’s an engineer to do?

I was looking at the vROPS deployment pdf and I noted a link for a VMware KB on vROPS Sizing. Not bad, but I’m really careful and this made me nervous. BUT I read down to the bottom.

Enter vROPS Sizer by VMware.

vROPS Sizer is supposed to give you a gut check- and it does. I actually sized up my deployment based on it’s recommendations. 

It’s simple to use with a Basic or Advanced sizer. Just fill in the values and you’re on your way to a pretty good estimate.

vROPS Sizer
Doesn’t get much easier than this.

I love it. Use it.


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